Burn Mr. Harding

Powerful. sexy. enticing.

Join in a Barbadian folk ritual over 150 years old – the burning of Mr. Harding! As legend has it, whenever the sugarcane crop harvest ended, money and jobs became scarce and a period of hard times reigned over Barbados. So Barbadians burned an effigy made from cane trash stuffed into a pair of old trousers, a coat, and a top hat on its head to encourage good luck for the rough times ahead. Our Burn Mr. Harding candle will coax you into relaxation and put your mind at ease with a magical mix of rich and luxurious cardamom, amber, and dark musk.

As a member of Native Caribbean’s Signature Scents, this candle offers a story of the Mr. Harding Embedded into its label. Download the Native Caribbean App to dive into our multi-sensory experience!

Culture & Heritage Mean The World To Us



My favourite, from the first times smelling this scent I fell in love. It have me the feeling of warmth and comfort. only thing missing is a cup of cocoa!



Male pheromones in a jar!



I truly love and enjoy the scent of Burn Mr. Harding. It soothes and makes the room smell so good!

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