Our Scents

Fresh & Clean

Light, Airy and Pure. Fresh and clean scents are cool and crisp.

Barbados Rum Candle by Native Caribbean


Earthy, Grounding and Rich. Woody fragrances are resinous and warm elegant scents.

Tobacco & Sugarcane Large Candle

Warm & Sweet

Spicy, Sensual and Alluring. These fragrances are comforting yet heady and magnetic.

Tekkin Time Ain Laziness Candle


Energizing, Uplifting and Lively. The bold, zesty character of a citrus scent gives an instant boost to your mood.

Fresh Mint Soap Bar

Green & Aromatic

Dynamic, Cheerful, and Natural. Green scents feature fresh, lively notes that evoke clarity and mental sharpness.

Day Does Run Til Night Catch it Candle


Romantic, Provocative and Delicate. Florals fragrances add enchanting softness and intoxicating femininity to any space.

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