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Native Candles Barbados:- Tobacco & Sugarcane Candle

Step into the world of Native Caribbean, where we are all about bottling up the Caribbean vibe and bringing it to your doorstep! Our fragrances are like little snippets of Eastern Caribbean life — from the tantalizing aroma of our foods, the breeze from the sea and the colors of our vibrant festivals, all captured in a candle or reed diffuser.

What makes us different?

We’re not your average fragrance shop. What sets us apart is our in-house creation of scents and use of the highest quality vegan wax, specifically coconut wax, for a clean sustainable burn.  Our mission is to provide high quality products at reasonable prices, ensuring that everyone can indulge in a bit of luxury without compromise.

Explore our range of aromathery, wellness and home fragrance items. It’s time to bring a bit of Caribbean flair into your life!

Meet The Maker

Heya!  I’m Tamara, the founder and Cultural Fragrance Creator here at Native Caribbean.   I am so happy you are here to take an olfactory journey into my Caribbean culture and Barbadian heritage! 

Before 2020, being an entrepreneur was not on my radar.  I followed more of a traditional path (i.e attending university and completing both a bachelor and master degree plus a few post graduate certifications) before entering the corporate world.  After a successful career as a development project manager,  I made the switch to open a small business when my 93 year old grandmother encouraged me to use my hands for work.  This is the best advice she could have ever given me! 

The top three things that you should know about my character are these:

  • I am passionate about women becoming the best version of themselves,
  • I am super keen on giving back and taking part in projects that help to improve the lives of vulnerable groups in my community; and
  • My favorite thing on the dessert menu begins with dark chocolate!

I love what I do and I can’t wait to share my corner of the world with you, one scent at a time.

Tamara Gibson, Owner and Chief Chandler at Native Caribbean
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