Meet The Maker

Tamara Gibson, Owner and Chief Chandler at Native Caribbean

Hello!  I’m Tamara, the maker behind the scenes here at Native Caribbean Ltd.  I am so happy you are here to take an olfactory journey into my Caribbean culture and Barbadian heritage! 

The top three things that you should know about me are these:

  • I am passionate about women becoming the best version of themselves,
  • I am super keen on giving back and taking part in projects that help to improve the lives of vulnerable groups in my community; and
  • My favorite thing on the dessert menu begins with dark chocolate!

Before 2020, being an entrepreneur was not on my radar.  But I made the switch after a successful career as a development project manager when my 93 year old grandmother encouraged me to use my hands for work.  This is the best advice she could have ever given me!  I love what I do and I enjoy sharing my corner of the world with you, one scent at a time.

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