Fresh and aromatic herbal smells. These scents are green, pungent and fresh. They can evoke feelings of vitality or induce calm.

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  • Men's Collection

    Fresh Mint Natural Soap For Men

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    Picture the cool and crisp notes of freshly picked mint leaves juxtaposed against the resinous perfume of the stems on your finger as you pluck this local herb from the kitchen garden. An totally refreshing bar soap for men!

  • Candles

    Tekkin’ Time Ain’ Laziness Aromatherapy Candle

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    Feeling overwhelmed? Discover the wisdom of “Tekking Time Ain Laziness” – a Barbadian proverb passed down orally for generations. It means than by taking your time, you can achieve a lot. Paired with healing essential oils such as lemon and lavender, which are known for focusing and calming the mind, this aromatherapy candle is best for journaling and reflection, slowing down and self-care Sundays.

    This candle comes in our aesthetic 11oz ceramic jar.

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