Burn Mr. Harding Mist

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Our Burn Mr. Harding candle will coax you into relaxation and put your mind at ease with a magical mix of rich and luxurious cardamom, amber and dark musk. This mist comes in a 4oz silver bottle.

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Join in a Barbadian folk ritual of over 150 years old – the burning of Mr. Harding! As legend has it, whenever the sugarcane crop harvest ended, both money and jobs became scarce and a period of hard times reigned over Barbados. An effigy made from cane trash stuffed into a pair of old trousers, a coat and top hat on its head was burned to encourage good luck for the rough times ahead.


Spicy, Sensual and Alluring. These fragrances are comforting yet heady and magnetic.


  • 4 oz / 120 ml
  • Our mists can be used to refresh your room and are safe to use on linens and on your car seats.

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4 oz / 120 ml

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Burn Mr. Harding Mist
$20.00 BBD

Availability: In stock

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