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Native Caribbean Aromatherapy Coconut Wax Candles

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Own the captivating essence of the Eastern Caribbean with our handmade coconut wax candles.  Our top-rated scents are your ticket to a space filled with fabulous vibes!

Native Caribbean Coconut Wax Candle from top down view

Dare To Be Different With Our Coconut Wax Candles - Ordinary Is Out!

Candles that are just candles?  Nah, we’re not about that life.  When you ignite one of our Native candles, you’re in for an experience that’ll make your senses jump for joy.  Trust us; you won’t just see the difference; you’ll smell it and you’ll feel it – it’s practically a “scent-note” that will have you grooving.

The secret to our exceptional performance?  It’s all in our coconut wax – the choice of those who seek out high quality.  Our coconut wax candles provide a clean, even burn, ensuring a consistent and captivating fragrance from ceiling to floor.

But there is more to us than that!

Our candle scents aren’t just run-of-the-mill candle scents; they’re a first-class ticket to the Eastern Caribbean.  Each scent is like a VIP pass to a world of history, flavours, festivals and even folklore that is more than 400 years old.  These scents will turn your home into the ultimate Caribbean hotspot.

Ready to leave ordinary behind? Transform your space with our Native coconut wax candles today!

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My Two Scents

The Fragrance Bar

Pull up a seat at the bar and let’s stir up some scent-sational trouble together!  Whether you’ve come to celebrate a special occasion or are on the hunt for an exciting experience, Native Caribbean’s Fragrance Bar beckons you to luxuriate in the realm of customised fragrance.  Secure your session today,  and let us be your guide to crafting the perfect scent that reflects your style and vibe.




Must tell you again, I love the coconut wax candles. The scent is still in the house from yesterday.



I absolutely love your candles! I purchased some on my way back to the US back in February. I need a restock!!!



Tobacco and Sugarcane smells like I should be in a foreign country on a balcony with my lover.

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