The Barbados Collection

Embark on a scent-soaked voyage to the home of our brand – the Caribbean island of Barbados.  

Barbados (pronounced bar-BAY-dos) graces the eastern edge of the Caribbean scene.  This little island is the birthplace to many famous icons like Rum, which is an aged liquor that packs a big punch on the world stage; cricket’s greatest all-rounder ever – Sir Garfield Sobers and legendary pop star sensation, Rihanna to name a few.

Also famed for its dazzling Crop Over Summer Festival, Barbados offers you exquisite culinary escapades, pristine coastlines and rich, captivating traditions and folklore.   Elevate your space with these rare fragrances that capture the essence of our cultural landscape.  You won’t find them anywhere else!

Smell. Watch. Indulge.

Each label on the Barbados Collection of candles, reed diffusers and wax melts is embedded with a video that deepens your immersion into the rich culture of the island.  To enjoy, visit your App Store or Google Play and search for Native Caribbean.  Download and open, then scan the label and sit back to enjoy our multi-sensory experience.

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