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We offer unique Caribbean-scented jar candles in bulk for resale.

Interested in Private Label or Wholesale Candles?

At Native Caribbean, we are thrilled to introduce you to our premium brand private label & wholesale candles.  We take immense pride in the remarkable benefits that set our products apart.

Our wholesale candles are crafted using one of the finest and healthiest vegan waxes available – coconut wax ensuring a clean, long lasting, and eco-friendly burn.  What truly makes us stand out are our scents.  Inspired by over 400 years of Caribbean heritage, our unique fragrances capture the essence of the region’s landscapes, languages, flora, cuisine, festivals, and folklore.

We invite a diverse range of wholesale candle partners to explore our offerings.  Whether you are a small boutique, luxury retailer seeking a personalized brand, mid-market retailer, gift company, or a business in need of private labels candles, reed diffusers or wax melts, we have the perfect solution for you.  Join us in creating exceptional scented experiences that resonate with your audience.

Discover Our Private Label & Wholesale Candles Program

Native Caribbean Coconut Wax Candle from top down view

We have a diverse range of partners, and we understand their needs.  Our wholesale candles program is designed to make your retailing or gifting journey a resounding success.

Key Advantages to Wholesale Candles from Native Caribbean:

Bulk Pricing:  Enjoy competitive pricing that allows you to maximize your profit margins while offering high-quality coconut wax candles to your customers.

Product Variety: Choose from a wide selection of candles, reed diffusers, and wax melts all featuring our unique Caribbean-inspired scents.

Flexible Ordering:  Our streamlined ordering process makes it easy to restock your inventory quickly and efficiently.

Customization: Tailor your private label or wholesale candle orders to meet the preferences of your target audience ensuring a personalized touch for your customers.

Certified Exporter: Benefit from our status as a certified exporter allowing duty-free exports to the USA, Canada and CARICOM countries.

Ready To Get Started?

Take the first step toward enhancing your product offerings and delighting your customers with our premium wholesale candles. Fill our the form below to request our Wholesale Catalogue today. Our wholesale candles catalog allows you to explore our product range and pricing. We look forward to partnering with you and supporting your business’ growth!

Wholesale Candles

To request information about our wholesale candles & options, please fill out the form below. Custom & private label options available. We look forward to working with you!

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Native Caribbean is always evolving and creating new products to share with the world. Keep up with all our wholesaling opportunities to be the first resellers to get your hands on our latest products

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