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Escape to paradise. East Coast Road is a taste of one of the most stunning places in Barbados. This scent embodies the blues of the Atlantic ocean’s waves, lapping on the clear yellow sand dotted by the greenery of sea grapes plants tumbling to the long twisting East Coast Road. The clear, crisp scent of the salty sea breeze and gentle florals create an unforgettable, calming scent.

As a member of Native Caribbean’s Signature Scents, this candle offers a story of the East Coast Embedded into its label. Download the Native Caribbean App to dive into our multi-sensory experience!

Culture & Heritage Mean The World To Us



My whole room smelling heavenly! All out to the passage way too! I only burned it for 20 minutes after you dropped it off! 



Loving East Coast Road. Boy does that smell linger for awhile!!



This is lovely! Crisp and delightful to the senses! Even before it’s lit, the aroma is so full and occupies the room.

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