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  • Mini Candles

    Burn Mr. Harding 3.2oz Mini Candle

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    Join in a Barbadian folk ritual over 150 years old – the burning of Mr. Harding! As legend has it, whenever the sugarcane crop harvest ended, money and jobs became scarce and a period of hard times reigned over Barbados. So Barbadians burned an effigy made from cane trash stuffed into a pair of old trousers, a coat, and a top hat on its head to encourage good luck for the rough times ahead. Our Burn Mr. Harding candle will coax you into relaxation and put your mind at ease with a magical mix of rich and luxurious cardamom, amber, and dark musk.

    This candle comes in our stylish 3.2oz mini glass jar with a lid. Easily extinguish your flame after use by putting on the lid, letting the candle cool then storing

  • Room, Linen & Car Mists

    Tobacco & Sugarcane 4oz Travel Mist

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    The grounding, earthy scent of dried tobacco leaves mingles with the sweet, warm smell of fresh crushed cane peel to make our Tobacco and Sugar Cane scent. Your Native Caribbean mist is the perfect way to have your favourite fragrances spray on the go!

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